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Since 2008, art austria has been an annual “must” for lovers of Austrian art. Though the fair’s program is not restricted to any particular period, the main emphasis is on contemporary art, adding appeal for younger audiences as well. The renowned Leopold Museum has been chosen to host the fair until 2016, further increasing the number of visitors. In 2017 the fair moved to the "Gartenpalais Liechtenstein" where the exhibitors get the chance to show their artworks in the magnificent rooms of the palace such as the Herkules Hall with the famous ceiling fresco by Andrea Pozzo. The palace's garden additionally hosts a sculpture park during the fair.

The Kovacek & Zetter gallery’s contribution focuses exclusively on the presentation of contemporary art showing sculptures by Erwin Wurm and paintings by Hubert Scheibl, Eduard Angeli and Jakob Gasteiger. The selection also features the latest works of gallery artists Rosemarie Benedikt, anselm glück and Beni Altmüller as well as some important pieces by Kiki Kogelnik or Maria Lassnig. The presentation’s narrow focus on a few specific artists creates more density and therefore contributes to art austria’s unique flair.


art austria
Gartenpalais Liechtenstein
Fürstengasse 1, 1090 Vienna
April 5-7 2019